Our employees with high experience in laundry are always ready to take absolute care of your clothing using the most special, gentle textile and eco-friendly materials, methods and procedures to give you the very best in laundry maintenance.


Our services for laundry include:


Laundry for hotels

We have a more cost-effective and eco-friendly way to get your hotel’s linens, beddings, curtains, window and door blinds, table mats and towels, cleaner than ever before. We ensure with our perfect hotel laundry service, your customers will have a beautiful experience for continuous patronage.

Laundry for restaurants

Understanding the commitment to cleanliness, we take a lot of pride in offering the best restaurant laundry service, from your table napkins, aprons, hand towels to uniforms, for a crisp and fresh laundry.

Laundry for wedding dress

If you think about it, your wedding dress holds the most precious and cherished memories of one of the best day of your life. Your wedding dress is priceless because it holds priceless memories. With our professionalism in wedding dress laundry, you will be happy and proud to keep it, remember it, and to pass it on to your children, because that dress speaks of the greatest love story ever told.

Laundry for office and casual attires

We at Unique star super clean have the skills to make your casual and office attire look and feel their best by creating a crispness that simply cannot be replaced with home care. Grant us the honor of taking good care of your office and casual attires.

Stain Removal laundry

No one goes through life without getting at least one stain on his or her clothing. Examples of these stains are wax, dye, food, bodily fluids, such as blood, oil and rust. Whatever the stain or spot, our trained professionals are always ready to give a quick treatment that can return your clothing to it former state.

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