FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions shall serve as a guide to help you grasp solutions to some challenges that could have come to your mind regarding our services. Please feel free to contact Unique Star Super Klean, for does challenges that have not yet been addressed. Thank you.

We want to serve you majestically!

Q1. What services should i expect from Unique Star Super Klean?

Personal and Commercial Cleaning including Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Ironing
Industrial Cleaning and Special Training Packages

Pick Up as specified and a corresponding Delivery Service
Fold Service by request
Hang by request
Stain Removal
Mending of Iron mark, Missing buttons or Torns
Express Service
Special Cleaning including curtains, duvets, rugs and many others
Children’s clothes with 50% discount

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Q2. Is this for me, Unique Star Super Klean's Services?

Our clients include:
Families tied on hectic schedule
Business travellers
Parents and the Grand
Those studying
Those looking to cut down on chores and save time!
…. and sooner or later, You beloved.

Q3. My wedding gown, i need it preserved, can you help me with this service or do you send such out?

Here at our center, Unique Star Super Klean can clean your wedding gowns. We had like you to observe your gown closely before handing it to us so you had observe the changes that come about through our service. We constantly deliver with an excellent touch.

Q4. How do you handle pick-up and delivery?

Our present delivery system can handle pick up and delivery within Gwarimpa and 15km radius of our centre.
If your location is outside of this range, please call 07057351594 or use our contact page and arrangement can be made.

Q6. My Online Order - do i pay a fee for pick-up or delivery?

No fee is charged. Delivery and pick up is free of charge completely. Based on the request you make, we can make delivery of your clothings to the address you add for delivery and pick up or you come to our outlet for pick up as it is convenient for you.

Q7. Unique Star Super Klean, how do i schedule a good time for you to pick up my laundry?

Having registered as member while inputing data into the form to order online, a schedule could be made for pick up and delivery.
Confirmation email could be gotten within less than 10 minutes and as soon as the messenger/driver gets dispatched to pick your items, you could get notified for that.
The next alternative is to make a call to our Customer Support at 07057351594 on working days between 8am to 8pm.

Q8. I scheduled and i missed my pick-up or delivery, what next?

Changes are constant such as life and death. Get across to us on time to reschedule. We could charge you a fee if you dont get us notified on time and we have made attempts to deliver. This assists us in regulating a fair price for our services. Thank you.

Q9. Is there a minimum online order charge from Unique Star Super Klean?

Hmm, as change is constant, you could make a cheap call to 07057351594 to confirm. Though generally, we expect a minimum of N6,000 worth of order to offer free pick up and delivery within 15km radius of our service center.

Q10. For laundry services, how do i pay?

Easy and safe online arrangement for payment is provided as option at checkout. Cash or POS are accepted on pick up and delivery at your door as we offer our service. To enjoy this service, you ought to be home or the address you assigned. Services for laundry are meant to be paid upon receiving invoice & / or before the time for your delivery.

Q11. Coupons, discounts, do you have any of such?

07057351594 – you could call and you might win a special offer.

Q12. Preparation for clothes to be picked by Unique Star Super Klean, what are the steps?

Let them get filty! After that, you could insert them into a bag or preferably an appriopriate laundry bag. Clothings that need special care could be sorted into a special bag whilst placing a note with instructions to specially address the clothings.

Q13. My laundry needs are special, what can we do?

Our clients may have special needs and cares; being aware of this as a professional laundry outlet, Unique Star Super Klean is willing to come in like Superman.

Let your special needs be added as you place your online order. You could also add your special requests inside your bag. Thank you.

Q14. What if my item gets missing?

Before each service, our clients have the option of adding information about their order to a sheet of inventory. At pick up time, these sheets could be arranged with our clients. A copy of the inventory could be kept by the client, while another by Unique Star Super Klean. We aspire to cross check the list to ensure each item remains available after and before every service. In the case that an item gets missing, you could contact our support for clients within 48 hrs of the rendered service. If it happens that the item indeed gets missing, Unique Star shall work hard to shine a light that had bring to life the item missing – restoration.

Q15. Tipping the driver/messenger... should we?

Up to you to decide about tipping. Appreciated shall you be for tipping for services well rendered.

Q16. My questions are much, how can i get the solutions to them?

All the questions that you have could be channelled to our support who are ready to attend to you. Call our Care for Customers at 07057351594 on working days from Monday to Saturday and time between 8am to 8pm. Another option is to reach us via completing the contact form online found on this page or email us via

Q17. How do i locate Unique Star Super Klean outlet?

We are located at the following addresses in Abuja.

Unique Star Super Klean,
321 Corner Shop, 3rd Avenue
Olumuyiwa Oluwole Street, Gwarinpa, FCT Abuja, Nigeria.
07057351594,, 08023144883
Find us on Google Maps

Q18. Conditions, terms, can you make clearer?

You get stuffs filthy! Clean, we bring it back unto you. By cash, payment is accepted on delivery or pick up, debit and credit cards as well via POS. If you want a billing that is special, please get across to our customer care. Unique Star Super Klean will handle your clothing with utmost care. Nevertheless, we wont take responsibility for tear or wear or lose of color stemming due to the fabric or manufacturing defects especially after dry cleaning. Claims of garments getting missing must be reported within 48 hours after clothes get delivered. Unique Star Super Klean will also not accept responsibility for deciding which clothings to dry-clean or hang-dry. Please inform us as appriopriate. The best is to separate your delicate clothings into a bag of plastic within your regular order.