Unique Star Super Klean & Our Story


For quite some time, Unique Star Super Klean has exercised authority in the business of rendering quality services that pertain to cleaning to our beloved clients, handling their laundry, dry cleaning, industrial cleaning and facility cleaning requirements.

Harnessing our service over a stretch of time helps our clients to avoid spending much on replacing their clothings and helps in preserving their assets in terms of industrial facility.

We love the art of cleanliness; with Unique Star Super Klean, we are optimistic about assisting different persons to have their laundry clean, have filthy stuffs dry cleaned, have your clothings ironed with a touch of a glitter of unique star – excellent finishing.

Our Working Hours – 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday. Please see contact page on more information about how to reach us.

You could also order for our cleaning service today.

Our Vision:


To be the leader in laundry, dry cleaning and industrial cleaning services provided within Abuja.

Our Mission:


  • Meeting the requirements of our clients, we want to offer an incomparable dry cleaning and laundry services.
  • With consistent improvements and a shift towards excellence, we aspire to be the leader in this sector.
  • Be reliable, given high esteem for the way we run our business and for our trustworthiness


1. Delivery of best service
2. Excellent service to clients
3. Trustworthiness
4. High esteem
5. Transparent Communication
6. Equilibrium
7. Work as a team with synergy



  • Premium finishings
  • Delivery on time
  • Loving service to client
  • Service – reliable and continual

With longevity of cleaning experiences accumulated, Unique Star Super Klean is at a 7 star level in comparison to others especially concerning technical know-how and handling of clothing and other such substances with efficiency of professionalism.

We have quite a number of services targeted at bringing our clients the best.

We have value added services which includes, though not limited to repairs and modification of clothing which includes replacing buttons, clothes that are torn getting stitched, fixing of almost any tear and wholistic improvement to give your clothing a greater look than when it came in.

Express service are also provided by us for a a fair cost.